Vegetables / Verduras
The production of vegetables in Oregon and in the Willamette Valley fluctuates depending upon market price and other commodity prices, as vegetables are planted annually. There is a large diversity of vegetables produced, as many people grow vegetables for farm direct sales or in their own gardens. Historically, the valley has produced snap beans and the processing of snap beans still ranks in the top 25 commodities in Oregon (Cite, year). Additionally farmers in the Willamette Valley grow sweet corn and onions commercially (CITE, year). In 2008, potatoes, onions, corn, and squash ranked in the top 40 commodities of Oregon (CITE, year). Vegetable / Verduras Translation Needed

La traducción española para este sitio es un trabajo en curso. Redacte por favor cualquier gramática o las faltas de ortografía que usted encuentra.

Photo by Annie Schlegel


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