Meat and Eggs / Carne y Huevos
The Willamette Valley produces a variety of meat for consumption. Chickens, ducks, cows, bison, pigs, and sheep are raised for the production of meat and eggs. Within the Willamette Valley, sheep and lamb, cattle and calves for both milk and beef, and hogs and pigs are listed as commodities1. There are smaller productions of other animals, such as bison and ducks for consumption as well as sheep and goats for cheese and meat. While cattle are raised for consumption in Oregon, the majority sales occur outside of the Willamette Valley1. Meat and Eggs / Carne y Huevos Translation Needed

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Photo by Frank Miller


1. Oregon Department of Agriculture (2008) 2007-2008 Oregon Agriculture & Fisheries Statistics, 2008 Oregon Agripedia. Available at (accessed July 2009).

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