Meat and Dairy
Willamette Valley meat and dairy is available for consumption. Chickens, ducks, cows, pigs, goats, bison, and lamb are raised for the production of meat, eggs, and milk; cattle and claves for beef and milk and hogs and pigs are specifically counted by the state of Oregon in their production yields1.

There are also milk and dairy producers within the valley that produce a variety of products. Specialty cheeses are available from a diversity of sources including the Willamette Valley Cheese Company; the Alpenrose Dairy whose cows are located in McMinnville, producing milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, and ice cream; and, sheep’s milk produced for cheese in Scio2, 3, 4. Eggs and meat are often available at farmers’ markets or farm stands.

Just west of the Willamette Valley, in Tillamook, is one of the leading producers of chunk cheese in the United States and the Tillamook County Creamery Association has approximately 110 dairy family farms5. While rBST, a hormone injected into cows to increase milk production, is allowed in Oregon, the Tillamook County Creamery Association has stopped using such milk in any of their products6.

Gallinas, patos, vacas, cochinas, cabras, bisontes, y corderos están criadas en el Valle de Willamette para la producción de carne, huevos, y leche1.

Hay productores de leche en el Valle que producen un variedad de productos lácteos: Willamette Valley Cheese Company, the Alpenrose Dairy en McMinnville que hacen leche, crema agria, queso blanco grumoso, y helado, y Silver Falls Creamery en Silverton que hacen queso de cabra son solamente algunos de los productores en el Valle2,3,4. Mucho de estos productos son disponibles en mercados de agricultores o tiendas.

Oeste del Valle de Willamette, en Tillamook, hay uno de los líderes en la producción de pedazos de queso en los EEUU. La Asociación de Lecherías en Tillamook County tiene aproximadamente 110 lecherías5. Aunque rBST, un hormona inyecta en vacas que aumenta la producción de leche en vacas, está permitido en Oregón, la Asociación de Lecherías en Tillamook County había parado el uso de esta hormona en su leche6.

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