Grass and Hay / Pasto y Heno
480,000 acres of grass and hay are cultivated in the Willamette Valley primarily for seed because the climate and soils are well suited for these crops1. Bentgrass, ryegrass, fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and alfalfa are all grown within Oregon2. Known for the high quality seed, grass and hayseed is shipped across the United States and exports more grass seed than any other state3. In 2008, hay was ranked second and all grass seed was listed as the third in Oregon’s top 40 commodities produced in the state4. Grass and Hay / Pasto y Heno Translation Needed

La traducción española para este sitio es un trabajo en curso. Redacte por favor cualquier gramática o las faltas de ortografía que usted encuentra.


Photo by Annie Schlegel


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