Gardening Techniques / Técnicas de Jardinería
There are several different ways to grow a garden. All plants need sunlight, water, and oxygen for survival as well as nutrients, but they may obtain these in different ways1. Plants can be put directly into the ground, in raised beds, in pots, or in water for cultivation2. Because plants have different light and heat requirements, using greenhouses or hothouses may be beneficial to the growth of certain plants and may also bring plants to fruit more rapidly, others may not survive in the hot and humid climate2. Using layering, it is possible to get more out of a smaller plot of land, but it is necessary to maintain soil nutrients which can be done with mulch, fertilizer, or compost, as well as using a cover crop to stop soil erosion and put nutrients into the soil2. Some trees and shrubs require pruning and may be grafted onto hardier rootstock2. Gardening Techniques / Técnicas de Jardinería Translation Needed

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Photo by Frank Miller


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