Compost / Abono
Compost is an element that is integral to maintaining the nutrition of the soil without adding chemicals, better ensuring a healthy garden. Compost is made of organic materials that decompose1. A good compost contains a mix of organic and carbon materials and has the ability to be a good fertilizer, soil conditioner, and mulch2. It is okay to compost green waste from the yard, shredded newspaper, fruits and vegetables but it is not wise to put diseased plant material, some longer decaying leaves, meat or dairy products, and dog, cat, or pig manure into a compost bin1. Making sure the compost bins have accurate air and water, small material, and two parts brown waste (dead) to one part green waste (recently cut) will ensure that the compost decays more efficiently1.

There are different types of composting techniques: worm bin, hot compost, compost tumblers and open-air composting; compost tea is another type of compost that is a concentrated liquid version of compost2.

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Photo by Frank Miller


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