Agri-Tourism / Agroturismo
Nearly 44 million travelers visit Oregon each year, bringing an estimated 8.3 billion dollars into the economy through the tourism industry1. Agri-tourism is a growing part of this enterprise. Agri-toruism is a part of rural tourism, but occurs in direct relation to private agricultural land and generates supplemental income for the owners2. These activities may include outdoor recreation, educational events, entertainment, hospitality services, on-farm direct sales, or off-farm direct sales3. Vineyards have taken a particularly large role in the Willamette Valley’s agri-tourism, with mapped wine tours, tastings, and vineyard showings. In addition, farms have increased outreach through agri-tourism, providing educational days, bed and breakfasts, farm tours, hay rides, and like activities. Agri-tourism / Agroturismo Translation Needed

La traducción española para este sitio es un trabajo en curso. Redacte por favor cualquier gramática o las faltas de ortografía que usted encuentra.

Photo by Frank Miller


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